Everquest Next: Landmark, the next big thing?

Everquest next: Landmark.

I think SOE is about to break out and climb back up on top.  It’s hard to think that, as a gamer, a company would actually listen to a player base and make improvements, but as a company, SOE has made huge strides recently.    The unprecedented amount of communication from David Georgeson and the rest of the Team on EQNL has blown the MMO world away.  If future devs don’t match or try to come close to the level SOE is pushing out on this, they are going to have it rough.  We will cut you.  This new standard in communication is hereby dubbed “The Ponytail Standard”


It’s late, I have attached a group of screenshots from Everquest Next: Landmark.


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Everquest Next: Landmark Mining Guide

Mining guide alpha 02/05/2014


TIER 1 mining: you can mine everything with the Founders Pick

Copper Ore: Bright Orange, always found on the surface. Common on Surface in TIER 1, rare in TIER 2.

Tin Ore: Metallic Silver, mostly found under Copper deposits, rarely found on the surface.

Agate: Yellowish in color, found on the surface or under Tin deposits that spawned on the surface. Mostly found in desert areas.

Tourmaline: Green and pinkish.  Found under copper and tin deposits or rare on surface.



Tier 2 mining: requires a Bronze Pick

Iron Ore:  Metallic Dark. Surface ore. Common in TIER 2 Zones, Rare in TIER 3.  Silver ore at end of vein common.

Aquamarine:  Light blue-green, found on the surface and rare at end of Iron Ore deposits.

Topaz:  Dull Yellow, found both on the surface or rare under Iron Ore deposits.



Tier 3 mining: requires an Iron Pick

Silver Ore:  Bright Silver, mostly found under Iron deposits in TIER 2 zones, rare on surface in TIER 2 and TIER 3.



Tier 4 mining: requires a Silversteel Pick

Tungsten:  Dark Green, found on the surface on tier 3 maps, Gold is at the end of the Tungsten vein commonly.

Marble:  Plain White, found on the surface TIER 3.



Tier 5 mining: requires a Tungsten Pick

Gold Ore: Bright yellow, mostly found under Tungsten deposits in TIER 3, rare on surface.

Emerald: Green, found on the surface in TIER 3.

Amethyst: Dark blue, found on the surface TIER 3.




Tier 6 mining: requires a Viridium Pick

Cobalt Ore: Blue, found on the surface in TIER 3.

Sapphire: Black, found under Cobalt deposits, really a pain to get.

Natural Amaranthine: Pink, found on the surface in TIER 3.



Tier 7 mining: requires a Cobalt Pick

Rubicite:  Red, found under Cobalt deposits or sometimes on the surface in tier 2 and 3 maps.

Ruby:  Red like Rubicite, found at end of Rubicite veins in TIER 3

Natural Obsidian:  Black, found on the surface in TIER 3.



Tier 8 mining: requires a Indigo Pick



Natural Alabaster: NOT IN BUILD CURRENTLY.