Phank is a group of friends that play games together. Most of us know each other in real life. The current game of choice is Everquest*. One day another game will come along (please god soon) and we will play that.

Phanks first goal is to have fun and stay connected with friends. Our second goal is to meet the challenges the game has to offer, and to push ourselves to the limit.

There is a path Phank tries to stay true to. It is hard, as we are not immune to the silly pulls of what the game says is important.



The other one is a little harder to explain. Having fun is winning the game. There is no end and therefore that is the only answer. The truly uber are those that log in and enjoy the time spent. No matter what level, class or race. If you are having fun, you are winning.

The greatest compliment anyone could give Phank, is to spread these philosophies to your server, your game. Make your world Phank.

Phank on.

* We are playing different games now!


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