Level 50 in FFXIV


When I started playing three months ago I didn’t expect to be playing this for more than a few days, let alone three months. And not only did I just hit the level cap, but it turns out level 50 isn’t even close to the end. My fellow Phankers tell me that this is where the game really starts. Which boggles the mind.

So I did my first Full Party this week (8 players instead of a “Light Party” of 4 which most of the game is.) There are two dungeons that we ran through, and here are a few photos from them.


It’s easy to fill out a party with pick ups if you don’t have enough.


We took a couple elevators.


Which gave me time to actually take a screenshot, since we moved pretty fast. I guess in a video game elevator people don’t spread out as far as possible, as they do IRL.






And now, at level 50 it’s time to get our uber weapon, and more gear. And many, many more dungeons.


Here Jumpp makes me an axe that I will use for said uber weapon. I have to go to some crazy dungeon for another part of it first.

Good times.