Full Party

my corpse

We have begun the Full Party circuit. When you hit 50, there is a very nice weapon that you get by killing things with 8 people. So we did a few of those bosses this week.


We didn’t have a full 8 people on when we did them, so we had 7 Phankers and one random person each time from Duty Finder. Which was entertaining.


We had to stop when we couldn’t tradeskill our gear to be high enough level. Because you may be level 50, the highest level in game, but your gear has levels too. Up to 90 I think.


We also did two treasure maps! Gracor and Dracis both had one.




One had a very good reward, another was so-so, but still fun to do!






We did some other high end Light Party (4 player) dungeons, too. They are challenging, even if you know the strat, which is good since it is rare to go into a dungeon with all new (to that dungeon) people. And isn’t that the cutest end boss EVER?!

There are also a few hilariously strange quests. I hope they put more of these in!