FFXIV Free Company (guild) Housing

house2Player housing is crazy expensive. Like eleventygagillion expensive. So much so that no normal guild has a hope of buying a decent sized house.


housesmallHere is a small plot.


housemedHere is a medium plot.



And here is a large plot.


house1They are really well designed though. Very pretty. And many of them are totally unlocked, so let’s creep inside one!



Here we are sitting on someone’s couch. You can furnish them.


housebath2With all the things a bachelor pad might want…



…A 14 year old bachelor pad…



…Or a playroom…



…with some kind of awesome carpet that looks like it might poison you.

Right now we are saving up for a place. They are lowering prices on the houses constantly, so maybe we will get one. One day.