Everquest Next: Landmark Mining Guide

Mining guide alpha 02/05/2014


TIER 1 mining: you can mine everything with the Founders Pick

Copper Ore: Bright Orange, always found on the surface. Common on Surface in TIER 1, rare in TIER 2.

Tin Ore: Metallic Silver, mostly found under Copper deposits, rarely found on the surface.

Agate: Yellowish in color, found on the surface or under Tin deposits that spawned on the surface. Mostly found in desert areas.

Tourmaline: Green and pinkish.  Found under copper and tin deposits or rare on surface.



Tier 2 mining: requires a Bronze Pick

Iron Ore:  Metallic Dark. Surface ore. Common in TIER 2 Zones, Rare in TIER 3.  Silver ore at end of vein common.

Aquamarine:  Light blue-green, found on the surface and rare at end of Iron Ore deposits.

Topaz:  Dull Yellow, found both on the surface or rare under Iron Ore deposits.



Tier 3 mining: requires an Iron Pick

Silver Ore:  Bright Silver, mostly found under Iron deposits in TIER 2 zones, rare on surface in TIER 2 and TIER 3.



Tier 4 mining: requires a Silversteel Pick

Tungsten:  Dark Green, found on the surface on tier 3 maps, Gold is at the end of the Tungsten vein commonly.

Marble:  Plain White, found on the surface TIER 3.



Tier 5 mining: requires a Tungsten Pick

Gold Ore: Bright yellow, mostly found under Tungsten deposits in TIER 3, rare on surface.

Emerald: Green, found on the surface in TIER 3.

Amethyst: Dark blue, found on the surface TIER 3.




Tier 6 mining: requires a Viridium Pick

Cobalt Ore: Blue, found on the surface in TIER 3.

Sapphire: Black, found under Cobalt deposits, really a pain to get.

Natural Amaranthine: Pink, found on the surface in TIER 3.



Tier 7 mining: requires a Cobalt Pick

Rubicite:  Red, found under Cobalt deposits or sometimes on the surface in tier 2 and 3 maps.

Ruby:  Red like Rubicite, found at end of Rubicite veins in TIER 3

Natural Obsidian:  Black, found on the surface in TIER 3.



Tier 8 mining: requires a Indigo Pick



Natural Alabaster: NOT IN BUILD CURRENTLY.