Treasure Maps – Lots of them


We dug up about 16 treasure maps and did them all in one night. It was impressive. Many of the encounters gave 5000 gil each and all kinds of strange tradeskilling items. The second night we did about a dozen more, and were not so lucky with the gil. This might be because some people forgot their lucky minions on the second night.




We would spawn the treasure map, kill the map boss, and any other mobs or fates that happened to be around.


Then we would move on to the next map spot. A different Phanker leading the way for their map. (Players can hold up to 2 maps at a time.)


















Duck, Teslo!






The above treasure map was a bit of a mistake, but hilarious.




Very good times.

Titan Fail


So we did Titan Hard last night. Half of the raid was in level 60 or below gear so it didn’t work out so well. And half of the raid had never been there before.


But it was really fun and challenging for the first 10 attempts. And I mean that. We got better and better with each go. But at some point we plateaued and decided to try again after getting a tad more gear.






In a week or so we shall try again… And my god it was nice being in an all Phank raid again.

Full Party

my corpse

We have begun the Full Party circuit. When you hit 50, there is a very nice weapon that you get by killing things with 8 people. So we did a few of those bosses this week.


We didn’t have a full 8 people on when we did them, so we had 7 Phankers and one random person each time from Duty Finder. Which was entertaining.


We had to stop when we couldn’t tradeskill our gear to be high enough level. Because you may be level 50, the highest level in game, but your gear has levels too. Up to 90 I think.


We also did two treasure maps! Gracor and Dracis both had one.




One had a very good reward, another was so-so, but still fun to do!






We did some other high end Light Party (4 player) dungeons, too. They are challenging, even if you know the strat, which is good since it is rare to go into a dungeon with all new (to that dungeon) people. And isn’t that the cutest end boss EVER?!

There are also a few hilariously strange quests. I hope they put more of these in!



Level 50 in FFXIV


When I started playing three months ago I didn’t expect to be playing this for more than a few days, let alone three months. And not only did I just hit the level cap, but it turns out level 50 isn’t even close to the end. My fellow Phankers tell me that this is where the game really starts. Which boggles the mind.

So I did my first Full Party this week (8 players instead of a “Light Party” of 4 which most of the game is.) There are two dungeons that we ran through, and here are a few photos from them.


It’s easy to fill out a party with pick ups if you don’t have enough.


We took a couple elevators.


Which gave me time to actually take a screenshot, since we moved pretty fast. I guess in a video game elevator people don’t spread out as far as possible, as they do IRL.






And now, at level 50 it’s time to get our uber weapon, and more gear. And many, many more dungeons.


Here Jumpp makes me an axe that I will use for said uber weapon. I have to go to some crazy dungeon for another part of it first.

Good times.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


This was hilarious. Selenajra and Kyrshaela are a couple. They wanted to get matching outfits. But in FFXIV they have to find a male to trade chocolate with to get their final dress. You would think that two women could trade chocolate with each other and find love, but nooo! So Gracor had to help them get some bittersweet chocolate.

To add to the fun, they cast their heart spell and they were in the wrong place!


But they fixed it and got the photo. And is that a paddle in Sele’s hand????

Seeing Phankers


Phankers keep showing up. Here are a few I have run into. I forgot to get a shot of Stryydr and Drace when I saw them since they took me to a scary dungeon and I was distracted by terror.









This game is a lot of fun. I think it can be frustrating at the high end, so a lot of Phankers are waiting for this wave to get up there so it will be less frustrating.

Also, here is my favorite fate so far:


And the most sexist quest so far:


This is such a strange game.

FFXIV Free Company (guild) Housing

house2Player housing is crazy expensive. Like eleventygagillion expensive. So much so that no normal guild has a hope of buying a decent sized house.


housesmallHere is a small plot.


housemedHere is a medium plot.



And here is a large plot.


house1They are really well designed though. Very pretty. And many of them are totally unlocked, so let’s creep inside one!



Here we are sitting on someone’s couch. You can furnish them.


housebath2With all the things a bachelor pad might want…



…A 14 year old bachelor pad…



…Or a playroom…



…with some kind of awesome carpet that looks like it might poison you.

Right now we are saving up for a place. They are lowering prices on the houses constantly, so maybe we will get one. One day.

Everquest Next: Landmark, the next big thing?

Everquest next: Landmark.

I think SOE is about to break out and climb back up on top.  It’s hard to think that, as a gamer, a company would actually listen to a player base and make improvements, but as a company, SOE has made huge strides recently.    The unprecedented amount of communication from David Georgeson and the rest of the Team on EQNL has blown the MMO world away.  If future devs don’t match or try to come close to the level SOE is pushing out on this, they are going to have it rough.  We will cut you.  This new standard in communication is hereby dubbed “The Ponytail Standard”


It’s late, I have attached a group of screenshots from Everquest Next: Landmark.


screenshot_20140206-00-24-57 screenshot_20140206-00-24-42 screenshot_20140206-00-24-30 screenshot_20140206-00-04-05 screenshot_20140206-00-03-42 screenshot_20140206-00-03-35 screenshot_20140205-03-20-05 screenshot_20140204-17-21-26 screenshot_20140204-15-51-39 screenshot_20140204-15-50-34 screenshot_20140204-15-49-47 screenshot_20140204-13-42-07 screenshot_20140204-13-35-37 screenshot_20140204-13-35-28 screenshot_20140204-13-35-09 screenshot_20140204-00-58-42 screenshot_20140204-00-28-33 screenshot_20140204-13-35-09 screenshot_20140204-13-35-02 screenshot_20140204-13-34-48 screenshot_20140204-13-34-34 screenshot_20140204-13-34-33 screenshot_20140204-02-36-22 screenshot_20140204-02-36-20 screenshot_20140204-02-36-13 screenshot_20140204-00-59-15 screenshot_20140203-18-03-21 screenshot_20140202-23-29-36 screenshot_20140202-23-29-31 screenshot_20140202-22-25-48 screenshot_20140202-22-25-41 screenshot_20140202-22-03-03 screenshot_20140202-21-27-42 screenshot_20140202-21-12-19 screenshot_20140202-21-12-04 screenshot_20140202-19-46-08 screenshot_20140202-19-37-52 screenshot_20140202-19-35-29 screenshot_20140202-19-34-21 screenshot_20140202-19-34-18 screenshot_20140202-19-33-54 screenshot_20140202-19-33-44 screenshot_20140202-19-32-45 screenshot_20140202-11-05-50 screenshot_20140202-10-59-25 kFBt5Gt Wc5xkLv Bfw5sVICIAA14Xd screenshot_20140204-00-29-08

Everquest Next: Landmark Mining Guide

Mining guide alpha 02/05/2014


TIER 1 mining: you can mine everything with the Founders Pick

Copper Ore: Bright Orange, always found on the surface. Common on Surface in TIER 1, rare in TIER 2.

Tin Ore: Metallic Silver, mostly found under Copper deposits, rarely found on the surface.

Agate: Yellowish in color, found on the surface or under Tin deposits that spawned on the surface. Mostly found in desert areas.

Tourmaline: Green and pinkish.  Found under copper and tin deposits or rare on surface.



Tier 2 mining: requires a Bronze Pick

Iron Ore:  Metallic Dark. Surface ore. Common in TIER 2 Zones, Rare in TIER 3.  Silver ore at end of vein common.

Aquamarine:  Light blue-green, found on the surface and rare at end of Iron Ore deposits.

Topaz:  Dull Yellow, found both on the surface or rare under Iron Ore deposits.



Tier 3 mining: requires an Iron Pick

Silver Ore:  Bright Silver, mostly found under Iron deposits in TIER 2 zones, rare on surface in TIER 2 and TIER 3.



Tier 4 mining: requires a Silversteel Pick

Tungsten:  Dark Green, found on the surface on tier 3 maps, Gold is at the end of the Tungsten vein commonly.

Marble:  Plain White, found on the surface TIER 3.



Tier 5 mining: requires a Tungsten Pick

Gold Ore: Bright yellow, mostly found under Tungsten deposits in TIER 3, rare on surface.

Emerald: Green, found on the surface in TIER 3.

Amethyst: Dark blue, found on the surface TIER 3.




Tier 6 mining: requires a Viridium Pick

Cobalt Ore: Blue, found on the surface in TIER 3.

Sapphire: Black, found under Cobalt deposits, really a pain to get.

Natural Amaranthine: Pink, found on the surface in TIER 3.



Tier 7 mining: requires a Cobalt Pick

Rubicite:  Red, found under Cobalt deposits or sometimes on the surface in tier 2 and 3 maps.

Ruby:  Red like Rubicite, found at end of Rubicite veins in TIER 3

Natural Obsidian:  Black, found on the surface in TIER 3.



Tier 8 mining: requires a Indigo Pick



Natural Alabaster: NOT IN BUILD CURRENTLY.